Like a cyclone, problems swirl around you. Do you know what a cyclone is? A force—the movement of energy. Round and round the energy swirls, but what is there at the center, but an area of great calm … the “eye,” you call it.

Round and round you troubles swarm, but there at your center is the eye of your soul, watching all with ever-lasting calm. Peaceful and calm are you at your center. When caught up in a storm, when the howling winds rage and the shutters bang noisily, causing you fright and worry, seek shelter there at your center—that wise and knowing part of you which knows that the storm will pass and that you are always safe, protected, and loved.

Seek shelter in the eye—the eye of the soul. Become one with the calm. Do not get caught up in the winds and tossed about by them, rather sit in the safety of your inner shelter and ride out the rough weather. After the storm, the sun always reappears, but never forget that the true light shines ever brightly within you.