When you judge another, you see not the Truth … you see only that the other is not as you are. Do you expect all others to be a mirror image of yourself? Why would God create all beings exactly alike? The Great Creator experiences life and all of its diverse aspects through Its creations. The more diverse Its creations, the more diverse and enjoyable are the experiences. Each of you brings gifts and talents and new thoughts. Each of you has your own way of experiencing creation and of creating your lives. Each of you is on your own path of experiencing Life for yourself and for your greater Self, which is that vibratory focus which you call God.

So do not judge another for their actions when they are not in accordance with your own. Send only love, for you are looking at a focus of the Divine Mind experiencing Itself. Allow each of God’s creations to simply be and explore and express itself. You are not here to change another. You are here to experience your own Life. If you are unhappy with the actions or behaviors of another, then, dear ones, change yourselves.

The only thing over which you have complete dominion is your own mind. If another’s actions cause you unhappiness, change your thoughts. Send only love and gratitude to he who causes you unrest, for he is your teacher. Bless him for the lesson—for showing you that you are judging and not being the loving spirit-being that you are. Bless your teachers and allow them to learn their lessons at their own pace. Cast not aspersions on another. Be gentle with your word. Beware of habitual reactions to your teachers, for change does not come as easily as the recognition of Who You Are. Be the model of Love, the model of allowing, and in this find the love and peace you all so badly seek. It lies within. Seek and ye shall find.