The birds in the trees … the little creatures that play among the leaves on the ground … up to your largest mammals in the sea … all are manifestations of Love. You and all that lives–from plants, and trees, and rocks, and all that is natural have arisen from the Idea of God. What is God, but consciousness … the guiding, creative, organizing Force which enlivens all that is. When you gaze upon a living thing, think to yourself, “That is God taking form.” And then allow your gaze to drop to your little finger and say again, “That is God taking form.” For how else would God express Itself, but through the beauty that is Life?

You, as a focus of the God Force are endowed with the same creative ability. Your creation began with an Idea. Ideas are the seeds. Your further thoughts do cause these seeds to germinate and to grow. All that you see around you that is not a so-called natural thing, but man-made, is an example of the miracle of creation. There is not a thing that exists … not a thing you own … that did not begin as the seed of an idea in the mind of man, just as man began as the seed of an Idea in the Mind of God.

What will you create today? What seeds will you plant? Where will you focus your attention? Will you create tangled weeds or beautiful flowers? You are the gardener of life itself. Plant your seeds with care. Fertilize them with love and watch them grow.