Disappointment … an emotion you feel when in your mind things did not go as you had planned. Yours is a world of many possibilities and limitless outcomes, yet from these outcomes you so often choose only one. Then, when it does not come to pass, you suffer. Who are you to say that the outcome you chose would have been the best? You do not see the picture from all angles. To feel disappointment is a choice. You could just as well feel nothing and be at peace. This is the art of allowing.

When you examine the circumstances, most often you will find that your disappointment arises from the actions or inactions of another. Is this not so? And how much control do you truly have over another, we ask you? Yet when another fails to act in accordance with your desires, do you not then make further attempts to manipulate them, be this by showing displeasure or by trying even harder to please? Such actions can only result in more disappointment and frustration; for once again, you cannot control another and find peace.

Peace lies only within yourself … with the realization that you are the creator of your own reality. If you wish to find that peace, allow others to walk their path in peace. The art of allowing is your path to the same destination.