We come to you today to speak of beauty and light. Your world carries so much darkness—a vibration which permeates your environment, passed along from generation to generation, based on cultural beliefs which have no basis in the Truth. You have wars and acts of terrorism because of a belief that these must continue. It is the collective consciousness of your body of humanity which perpetuates the killing. What would happen if suddenly all of you took on the belief that war was not a necessity? That killing is wrong? That love is all that matters? But you have erected grand institutions and organizations to support the belief in war. It is a dilemma, is it not?

You will not see the end of warfare or acts of killing in your lifetime, but this does not mean that you cannot make a difference. You are all cells in the body of humanity. The more cooperation amongst the cells—even if only amongst a few—little by little harmony spreads.

With an air of hopefulness … with a view for the long term—a term far longer than you will see in just this present lifetime, think and create thoughts of harmony … thoughts of love. See only goodness, and goodness will be your reality. Refuse to buy into the mass belief. Turn away from the bad news and create good news, if only on your small scale. You have no idea the beauty that can grow from one small seed. Plant the seed of hope and love and watch it grow.