Headaches are a symptom … the effect of a cause. What causes the pain, but constriction—the lack of proper flow within the brain. Fear is a constriction of the flow of Love. Love is your natural state—your very essence. When you are open and loving, your Life Force flows freely. When you perceive a threat, your thoughts do create a reaction within the physical body. Again, all is always cause and effect. If you suffer aches and pains, follow the effect back to the cause. The Great Cause is the creator of all on a macro scale. You are the creator of life on a much smaller scale, but with the same operating principles.

No one can take away the pain but yourself. No other causes you pain but yourself. You are the creator of your reality. Will you live a life of constriction, or allow the Life Force to flow freely through you? This you do control fully with your thoughts, for the Life Force is always present in abundance. Like a faucet, you control the flow. Do you restrict it to a trickle and suffer, or do you open the flood gates freely and allow it to wash through you and energize you? Call it God, call it the Life Force, or call it Love … it is all the same Power. How much of It you experience and express is up to you.

To create harmony in your body as well as your mind, create a loving and peaceful environment within as well as without. Maintain an open flow of Love and reap the effects of what you have sown. Banish the fear and banish the pain. It is very simple … it is the Law of Love.