Into each life some rain must fall. This you know quite well. Your life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. How else would you know what light was, if not for the experience of darkness? Do not be in such a hurry to experience our world of pure light and love, for through the experience of the great polarities in your world, you grow ever so much faster in your understanding of Life.

Life is goodness. You have been given the ability to think and to create, and one of your greatest tools is choice. You can choose to see the goodness and to create more of the goodness. As a group, too many of you focus on the darkness, and thus, this is what you experience. Would you, as a mass consciousness, focus only on the light, much greater would be your experience of the light.

Each of you is like a tiny candle in the darkness. Your flame appears not to make a difference, but there you err. Imagine your flame joined with others and bringing ever more light into your world. Then, my children, the rain would cease to fall so often. You would experience the warmth of the Great Sun which always shines upon you … which waits only for you, yourself, to part the clouds.