Forget your dreams, for to you dreams are things which may or may not happen. You long for them to come true, but in your limited mind, you see them as an impossibility. This is a negation of your power as a Spirit-Being. As a focus—a manifestation—of the Creator, you are endowed with limitless creative potential. Your so-called dreams are potential not yet realized.

How do you make your dreams come true? You see them as a creation which you as a God-Being are ready to create. Having made this decision, you see your so-called dreams as reality now, and there you place your focus. You are a focus of the consciousness of the God-Force. You create your dreams—your reality—by placing YOUR focus on that which YOU wish to create. And so it is.

Take away the doubt, for doubt changes the creative vibration of your thoughts and negates your efforts. Maintain the highest possible vibration. Do whatever work is necessary whilst maintaining this high vibratory focus, then watch your so-called dreams unfold. Then you will see that dreams do indeed come true, but they were never dreams. You are not a dream of the Creator, but a creation, made from love. Go forth and create with love.

As above, so below.