See the ripples upon the water … a disturbance caused by some object which has touched the surface. But look below, into the very depths of the water, and you will find calm. Your mind is as the water of a deep pond. Always your thoughts do cause ripples upon the surface. At times these ripples may even become so perturbed as to have tiny whitecaps.

When so disturbed, you cannot see the reflection in the surface. You see only distortion, yet at the bottom all remains calm. What happens when the surface is still? Then, of course, whatever looks upon the water is reflected back like a shiny mirror, and the stillness and beauty of the entire pond is apparent. You have the power within you to still the waters of your mind. Only then, when what is at the surface matches the peace that is always at your depths, do you see the reflection of who and what you truly are.

Strive to maintain a calm surface. It is not always possible, for the wind comes and goes, whipping up the tiny wavelets, but with a deep well of peace from which to draw, you can cause an upwelling of calm from the depths and show the world your True Nature. Be a shiny reflection of peace and love, and all will come to drink at your shores.