So many of you carry a weight in your heart much like a stone. This weight blocks you from feeling and giving love—like a dam that prevents the natural flow. This stone is the rock of resentment toward another, held in place by the inability to forgive an act which you, with your limited vision, did perceive as wrong. Forgiveness is the force which frees the stone and allows the love to once again flow freely.

Who does it serve to hold onto resentment? Neither you, nor the other. Yet who does it serve to forgive? The answer is clear. Forgive … not to feel righteous, but to allow your True Nature to shine. It is the other who will pay in the end for their misuse of their personal power. You, yourself, need not pay.

All of you walk a solitary path of learning and growing. It is not yours to judge how another walks, for you walk not in his shoes. Walk your path with head held high and love in your heart for all others. Then you will have the power not just to move the stone from your heart, but the power to move mountains.