It is easy to become discouraged when you read your headlines. You work to bring more love into your world. You do your best to be the presence of love, to see only goodness, and in less than one minute a single focus of ignorance brings pain to many. One human being’s use of free will brings down the vibration of others. Never forget that the power of Love will conquer evil. It is not a ratio of one to one, for every act of ignorance does not wipe out one loving act. The light of one self-realized soul is far more powerful than one who walks in ignorance. Now it is those very souls who realize that the self is spirit and not human who will shine ever brighter and hold the love and hope for others. Why do you hold candles in your vigils? As a reminder that the light is still there. To light the way for those who cannot yet see through the darkness. Light a candle in memory of those who are now completely surrounded by love, relieved for a while of the burden of experiencing others’ ignorance. As for you, shine ever more brightly now, candle or not, for you are the light, and shine you will eternally. You are so very loved.