And you wonder why you cannot make the connection with loved ones who have passed … grief is a heavy emotion, as is sadness and stuckness.  Do not push yourself.  Flow until you find your Self again.  You must first make the connection with your own soul before you connect with those of others.  Do not worry.  Your soul is just fine, as is theirs.  The soul has not gone anywhere and neither have you.  It is there beneath the heavy blanket that rests upon you for now, but only temporarily.  It will lift through your efforts to see things in a different light, through focusing on the love that is the reason you wish to connect, through simply be-ing … for that is what the soul is and does, whilst the human suffers.  Suffering need not last and will not last, for what goes down does eventually go back up.  It is the Law of Balance.  For now, simply be and flow and observe the thoughts.  The connection has never been broken and will never be broken with those you love.  It is simply your awareness of that connection that needs to be rekindled.

You are so very loved.