When things go according to plan you feel gratified.
When they do not, are you dissatisfied?
See the gift in how things unfold
And you will indeed find contentment untold.
Come to peace with the unexpected.
Know that in all cases the soul is protected,
For all is part of one great sea
That connects “you and me” to “us and we.”
May this bring you comfort when you feel stranded
Like a stranger who has recently landed
In a foreign place with unusual rules
Left to wander without any tools.
You have all that you need to make your way.
All you need do, dear one, is go to the heart and pray,
“Please walk with me and show your face
In the form of peace and joy and amazing grace.”
And so it is, and so it shall be
As you walk, accompanied, to being free.

You are so very loved.