When you feel as if you cannot go on after a loss, know that you can. You are still here for a reason. Pain is part of the process of grief. Few escape it, but it is also part of the human belief system and need not be quite so unbearable.  How is this possible?  Imagine if you truly knew that death is a simple transition to another phase of existence.  Imagine if you knew your loved ones who have passed are watching you and are with you when you think of them … at your side when you call.  Imagine if you knew they are at peace and are waiting for you patiently, knowing that you still have work to do on earth. 

Imagine if you knew that they feel your pain.  Imagine.  Why, then you would see that pain is not fully necessary.  You would see that it all stems from thoughts and habit.  Yes, you must develop new habits, and being without the physical presence and assurances is one of your greatest challenges, but in comparison to never seeing those you love again, it pales. You will see them again.  Rest assured of this.  And when you can clear the grief from your heart and find peace in this awareness, then that is exactly where you will find them—in that place that still joins you:  the heart.

You are so very loved.