Fresh and stale.  You know these words well.  What causes something that is new and soft to become hard, brittle, and no longer tasteful?   You may think in terms of food, but think also in terms of thoughts.   And therein lies the challenge:  thinking.  This process can cause thoughts to go round and round so that they are always the same … stale.  When you do not use so much brain energy, other ways of perceiving are more apt to be used.  Knowing is quite different from thinking.  Knowing arises as fresh thoughts bubble up into awareness. How to bring in the fresh and push out the stale?  Awareness.  Become aware of the same-old-same-old and pause.  Now simply be … aware Awareness observing, listening, being.  Do you notice no thinking is necessary?  In this observant state, prepare for fresh insights. 

You are so very loved.