Give thanks where thanks are due.  It is not always all about you.
No man is an island, this is true.  It is teamwork that helps you to see things through.

We understand that you must deal with ego, and ego wants credit for being wonderful.  You are all wonderful.  You do creative things.  You help others.  You are wise and intelligent, caring, and loving.  Too much of these behaviors threatens ego.  If you paid no attention to ego, he might have to disappear.  Simply be aware of his need for recognition.  Give him his due.  He serves a purpose.  Great things have been accomplished in the name of ego, but also by cooperation with others.  Balance, once again, is the key.  Awareness will keep you in balance.  Pat yourself on the back for your successes, then reach your hand outward and thank those who helped you.  You are all so very loved.