Waterfalls … and water flows … and water gives life. Drink up. Drink regularly of this most powerful elixir. The body is a machine indeed, a vehicle in this earth school for your lessons. At times it carries you to and through your lessons. At times, in sickness and in health, it is the source of your lessons. In this way, it is perfect, but it does need tending to, and not with sugary drinks, and alcoholic drinks, and caffeinated drinks. Hear us well: we are not telling you to eliminate these and others like them. Listen to the body. It will tell you how much, how little, or how “not at all,” but water? Water is essential. Water is Life. Waterfalls. No wonder you love them. And water flows. Allow more water to flow through you, keeping that most precious soul vehicle well lubricated and ready to carry you to and through your next lesson. You are so very loved.