So many are asking, “Why are world affairs as they are?  Why is there war?  Why is there suffering? If you could see from our perspective, you would see that change is taking place. 

You are all playing roles.  You are the one Source taking on experiences to see what you can create as you use Awareness.  And look what you have created.  The human mind goes immediately to the horrors.  That is the human way: to focus on the negative.  The soul—that aspect of you that is less limited in awareness, that has the higher perspective, that is always present and available to you should you choose to shift perspectives, looks about and sees beauty, truth, and connection. 

For now, there are many who are far more driven by external power than True Power, for they do not realize that the greatest satisfaction and pleasure come through connection, through serving, through uplifting. Send waves of awareness that they may come to realize that their actions are akin to tearing the leaves off the other side of the same tree.  And while you send these prayers, maintain awareness, please, that none of you is only human. 

Do not lose hope when things do not change overnight.  Become present, very present to this present moment, which is the only way to remain awake, aware, and to effect change. 

You are so very loved. (*Today’s message is excerpted from a longer one that you are encouraged to invest 8 minutes to view. )

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