There is always a higher answer.  If you are unsure what action to take, step outside the box.  No longer follow the adage, “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” when that is no longer working for you.  What to do?  Realize you are not only human.  The human way can lead you astray when blinded to a deeper reality.  Go within and shut out the outer world, why don’t you.  What you will find beyond the physical senses will make far more sense to you, for there you will reacquaint yourself with the soul—that part of you that has never been apart from you or any other, least of all from Source.  From this bottomless well you know so well will the answers you seek arise.  Go within.  Ask.  Listen.  Act when the words come from the soul, and you will know you are whole. 

You are so very loved.