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2022-09-13T07:52:00-04:00September 13th, 2022|

Integration. This is the goal. To take soul awareness that peeks through the much-clouded human awareness and realize the sky and the clouds are all one. How to maintain awareness that you are both the clouds and the sky? With everything that meets the eye. See every moment. Make [...]


2022-09-12T08:36:36-04:00September 12th, 2022|

When one you know transitions to the next chapter in life, you experience a major adjustment. When one is known by many for many decades, all grieve together as you adjust to new names and faces in place of the one who graced your life with such dignity. Know [...]


2022-09-10T08:20:14-04:00September 10th, 2022|

You put injured people on a backboard to keep the spine straight and the head aligned. Do you know how important this is energetically throughout the day? Mind your posture. It mirrors the energetic conduit for the Life Force which animates the body. Stand tall if you can. If [...]

Beyond Time

2022-09-09T08:13:52-04:00September 9th, 2022|

Forever is a very long time. Do you see the lack of logic in this phrase? Forever denotes outside of time. "Never" is also outside of time. If it feels as if you will never again see your loved ones who have passed, you are wrong. You have known [...]

Balanced in Joy

2022-09-08T08:00:17-04:00September 8th, 2022|

Find the positives when you catch yourself in what you call a bad mood. It is the human tendency to focus on the negatives. This only keeps you trapped in one side of wholeness. You experience both sides of the spectrum of being. Balance is optimum. Awareness will allow [...]

Next to You

2022-09-07T07:25:28-04:00September 7th, 2022|

Juxtaposition. This is how you notice contrast. In a world of duality, the opposites are part of a spectrum, not separate. That thing you resist because it feels so contrary? That is part of the wholeness. Do not resist it. See it in juxtaposition. Feel it added to what [...]

Just Right

2022-09-06T11:17:41-04:00September 6th, 2022|

Look in your closet. Is it cluttered or neat? Is it overly organized or just right? How do you know what is just right? It is a feeling. If it must be orderly to the point of perfection, there is an anxious feeling with this. If it is cluttered [...]

No Matter What

2022-09-05T07:55:18-04:00September 5th, 2022|

What do you do when someone throws what you consider undeserved barbs at you, says what you perceive as unfairly hurtful things, and you feel the pain?  What you do is you feel that pain and you repeat silently and continuously, “I am so loved I am so loved [...]


2022-09-05T07:57:12-04:00September 4th, 2022|

Why are you so drawn to gazing at the stars? They are your lifeline. There is a part in you that knows all is connected. The stars glittering above form a net and you are caught in it. Stars glitter, reminding you at the deepest level that you, too, [...]


2022-09-03T09:12:11-04:00September 3rd, 2022|

The human mind cannot conceive of the Intelligence of which you are a part. You are not separate from this Field. Think in terms of a prism, and each of you has your unique angle. All is not as it seems. It is a shared experience, this life you [...]

On Track

2022-09-02T07:37:18-04:00September 2nd, 2022|

This train keeps on moving. Yes, it stops at various stations along the journey, but then it continues down the never-ending tracks. Some wish to get off. They are those who do not understand the nature of the ride. They want to be in the driver’s seat instead of [...]


2022-08-29T08:55:52-04:00August 29th, 2022|

You cannot build a house on a crumbling foundation. The same is true for connecting regularly with Spirit. There must be a foundation of stillness. Too many clouds passing through the sky clutter up your view. How much do you wish to know the higher realms and those who [...]


2022-08-29T08:47:18-04:00August 28th, 2022|

Vanilla. Is this not what you call something that is very plain? You like your flavors. They are more stimulating and exciting, but is it not more peaceful at times to just be? Balance is the goal. Have your 32 flavors but return to vanilla when things become a [...]

The Portal

2022-08-29T08:48:38-04:00August 27th, 2022|

When trouble comes, greet it at the door. Do not run the other way. Stand tall in the awareness that every experience is an opportunity to tune in to higher guidance and greater perspectives. As long as you remain in “only human” mode, you will experience fear, trepidation, and [...]

With Awareness

2022-08-25T08:00:15-04:00August 25th, 2022|

You may say or do things when you are tired that are contrary to what you know is aligned with the soul. Your thoughts and words stand out in stark contrast to what is normally in your heart and so you notice them. Forgive yourself. Be aware of what [...]


2022-08-24T17:22:39-04:00August 24th, 2022|

Connect the dots and you will see that you are part of a web so vast and so intricate that it explains more than meets the eye. Why do you dismiss the miracles that occur every day? That is ego—the part of you that does not want you to [...]

Ready to Pair

2022-08-24T17:21:23-04:00August 22nd, 2022|

“Ready to pair” Is this not what your devices say when they are ready to communicate without wires? You are a wired being, but you cannot see the cords that connect you to the web. All of you are wired together … connected. How do you become ready to [...]

At Bat

2022-08-24T17:13:42-04:00August 21st, 2022|

When you are asked to step up to the plate, this is an expression that relates to a game you are well familiar with. In baseball, the batter steps up to take a swing. Yes, all eyes are on him, but he has a whole team behind him. And [...]

The Greatest Affect

2022-08-20T08:23:03-04:00August 20th, 2022|

What is an affectation? It is a way of acting when you feel you must behave and speak a certain way to achieve a certain effect. Humans take on affectations. The soul needs no accoutrements. The soul knows it is always and already whole. You, at the soul level, [...]

Going On

2022-08-19T07:37:53-04:00August 19th, 2022|

“Life goes on.” You use this as a phrase to placate those who have experienced a loss. The phrase is true on more levels than you may be aware. Yes, life goes on for you here in a way that you might not have planned or wished for. May [...]

Rest Assured

2022-08-18T10:18:00-04:00August 18th, 2022|

When you feel as if you cannot go on after a loss, know that you can.  You are still here for a reason.  Pain is part of the process of grief.  Few escape it, but it is also part of the human belief system and need not be quite [...]

Connected Forever

2022-08-17T07:38:01-04:00August 17th, 2022|

And you wonder why you cannot make the connection with loved ones who have passed … grief is a heavy emotion, as is sadness and stuckness.  Do not push yourself.  Flow until you find your Self again.  You must first make the connection with your own soul before you [...]


2022-08-16T08:06:31-04:00August 16th, 2022|

What are your triggers? Do you know? It is those events or words or feelings that set you off in some way that takes you away from your essential nature, which is peace. Sensitivities. They arise as protective mechanisms as a child. They exist at the human level to [...]

Free to Flow

2022-08-15T07:30:47-04:00August 15th, 2022|

Do this, don’t do that. From a young age you are told how to behave and what to think. This is called conditioning. There comes a point in your life when the soul within says, ”Have you had enough?” Even though you are this soul, the conditioning has caused [...]


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