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Choose Your Colors

2016-01-17T08:15:25-05:00January 17th, 2016|

“Is there a Hell?” so many of you ask, and the answer is yes, but it is not as you envision.  It is not a place, but a state of mind.  And no one is trapped there, but remains there as a result of their own thoughts.  “Not an uplifting topic today,” [...]

Time for Connecting

2016-01-16T08:27:06-05:00January 16th, 2016|

Earthly responsibilities can easily push you out of balance.  What do we mean by this?  You can become so overwhelmed with your earthly tasks that you forget that you are also fully spirit.  When you fail to pay attention to that side of you which is peace and love, you become [...]

Running the Show

2016-01-15T07:00:06-05:00January 15th, 2016|

Get yourself out of the way when you are having difficulties accomplishing a task.  It is the ego which causes blockages.  Always remind yourself, “I by myself do nothing.  I as a part of the Greater Self have limitless power.”  Take less credit for your accomplishments and give credit where [...]

Be the Mountain

2016-01-14T07:00:06-05:00January 14th, 2016|

Why does a mountain evoke so much power?  Why the desire to be "on top of the world" --to stand at the very peak and be higher than all around you?  It is because you are that mountain.  You are limitless in scope, size, and view.  You tower over all [...]

January 3, 2016

2022-09-17T22:26:37-04:00January 13th, 2016|

Unity of The Villages -  Body as an instrument - signs from guides - dealing with fear - connecting with our guides - traveling to spirit world. Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

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Your Point on the Spectrum

2016-01-13T07:00:06-05:00January 13th, 2016|

All of life exists along a spectrum of vibration of Consciousness.  The higher the vibration, the closer you come to the experience of bliss—of perfection—of the totality of God.  Just as in the physical world you can only perceive a limited segment of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy, light, and [...]

Love Never Dies

2016-01-12T07:58:10-05:00January 12th, 2016|

When all you have left are pictures, oh how you cry.  You feel that you only have memories, but there you err. Your loved ones are still with you. They have left you in physical form for a while, but what they have left you cannot be destroyed.  They have left you [...]


2016-01-11T08:53:18-05:00January 11th, 2016|

Forgetfulness.  Where do the thoughts go which you are trying to remember?  They are still there.  Thoughts are energy.  They do not go away.  You must merely place the intention of matching the frequency of the concept you are trying to remember and send that intention outward.  It will catch the intended thought as a [...]

Your Choice

2016-01-10T07:00:34-05:00January 10th, 2016|

It is all very simple, this thing you call life, yet you make it so difficult. There is love and there is fear. That is all. Everything you do is a choice between the two. How hard is it to choose love? It only becomes hard when you let your [...]

State of Communion

2016-01-08T07:00:11-05:00January 8th, 2016|

  Yes, celebrate the successes:  The operation went well.  The talk was well received.  The family visit passed without incident.  You arrived safely at your destination.  The prayers worked well.  Now you can relax.  Yes, relax, but do not stop praying.  We say this not to indicate that once again you need worry.  We [...]

Choose the Light

2016-01-07T06:48:11-05:00January 7th, 2016|

In darkness you live, stumbling about, groping for truth, groping to find your way.  You turn a corner and see a bit of light.  It is refreshing,  full of hope.  It feels so very different.  You no longer can settle for darkness, and so you stumble on, but not quite so blindly any longer, [...]


2016-01-06T07:04:09-05:00January 6th, 2016|

“Do as we say, not as you do” — a bit of a twist on one of your sayings. So often you march off through your day acting on your own, as if you are connected to naught but your own mind. Then, when you err or encounter difficulties, you [...]

Perfect Order

2016-01-05T07:04:09-05:00January 5th, 2016|

When the world seems to be moving faster than you are, begin with deep breathing. Slow down your racing thoughts just enough that the whisper of the Voice of Spirit can get through. “Relax,” it says. There is never any need for worry when you turn over all results to [...]

December 6, 2015

2022-09-17T22:17:20-04:00December 14th, 2015|

Unity of The Villages -  Communing with spirit - Gratitude - Terrorists - Victims of violence - Courage - Pain and suffering - Free will gone awry. Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

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All That Is

2015-11-28T07:00:14-05:00November 28th, 2015|

“All That Is.” How often do you hear this term for your Source? Do you take it literally, or do you envision exclusions? Does the All That Is include the terrorist? Does the All That Is include the so-called sinner? We have been speaking of late of darkness as the [...]

A New Day

2015-11-27T07:00:55-05:00November 27th, 2015|

Turn the page and begin with a clean sheet.  Is this not how you begin each day?  Sleep is a time to rejuvenate the body, but also a time to make a clean break from the thoughts and actions of the previous day.  The previous day is gone.  It exists [...]

Giving Thanks

2015-11-26T08:20:38-05:00November 26th, 2015|

On this day in which you give thanks, stop and do so for yourself—not just for all the things external.  Inside you lies the greatest treasure you can imagine—the link to All That Is.  That which you call your True Self is the soul—the part of you which is eternal [...]

In Perfect Order

2015-11-25T08:39:45-05:00November 25th, 2015|

All of the Universe exists for your enjoyment.  You are here to play and create, for who are you, but a focus of the consciousness of the Great Creator?  It is through your experiences that God experiences God’s creations.  How else would God be able to play? Go forth each [...]

Family Reunions

2015-11-24T07:00:24-05:00November 24th, 2015|

Family reunions.  You have your gatherings in the physical life, but we wish to let you know that those who have passed do the same.  They gather round you in times of trouble and in times of joy.  How could it not be so?  Once joined in love, always connected.  [...]

Rest in Peace

2015-11-23T07:00:39-05:00November 23rd, 2015|

So many of you want to know about your loved ones on the other side.  “Are they okay?” you ask.  “Are they happy?”  In so asking, you are placing them in a human context.  In your world there is okay and not okay.  There is happy and sad.  You come [...]


2015-11-22T07:00:39-05:00November 22nd, 2015|

Abundance comes in many forms.  The greatest of these is love.  There is nothing wrong with material things, but be cautioned against having them take the place of human interaction.  Do not allow material things to create a sense of superiority.  If they allow you to appreciate the endless bounty [...]

In the Arms of Angels

2015-11-21T07:00:31-05:00November 21st, 2015|

The death of a loved one is a trying time for those on earth, no matter how enlightened you are.  You share memories with the one who passes.  You share love and concern.  Concern yourself at this time with those who do not have the full understanding of this very [...]

November 1, 2015

2022-09-17T22:15:34-04:00November 4th, 2015|

Unity of The Villages -  Our true self - Awakening - Human/ego vs. awareness - Perfection - Some surrounded by more challenges - Lesson in the refugee issue. Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

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2015-09-29T15:04:12-04:00September 29th, 2015|

Always there are lessons, whether a thing happens or does not happen. “But that was supposed to have happened!” you cry. “Every time before in this case that has happened!” Yes, and what was different this time? Go back and look at the details. Study your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. [...]

September 20, 2015

2022-09-17T22:13:46-04:00September 26th, 2015|

Unity of The Villages -  Members of Sanaya- Aging - Suffering - Intuition - Wayne Dyer- Lessons in a lifetime - Reincarnation - Souls of pets - Pope Francis - Dreams - Raising consciousness Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

August 27, 2015

2022-09-17T22:12:02-04:00September 10th, 2015|

Consciousness Frontier, Unity of Wilmington -  Healing discord- true self-gold nuggets - suicide - progress of humankind - helping others spiritually - helping one dying - extraterrestrials - awareness. Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

The Sanctuary Within

2015-08-23T07:00:52-04:00August 23rd, 2015|

When turmoil surrounds you, find the peace within yourself.  You need not escape to a quiet sanctuary in some physical location, but to the quiet sanctuary inside the mind.  “Oh, but I cannot quiet the mind,” you say, and that is where you err.  Follow the breath into the silence.  [...]

Better Choices

2015-08-22T07:30:47-04:00August 22nd, 2015|

It is fear that keeps you stuck.  You are unhappy in a situation yet you are comfortable there.  You would rather remain unhappy than to make choices which will undoubtedly create change.  Do you not know that all in the human life changes constantly?  You can sit back clinging to [...]

Climbing the Rungs

2015-08-21T07:37:23-04:00August 21st, 2015|

You are part of a self-informing system.  What you learn adds to the whole and adjustments are made.  What works is used and what does not is discarded, and thus evolution of the soul progresses.  What do we mean by “works”?  What adds more love, more wholeness to the system.  [...]


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