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Poem #59 – Cause and Effect

2009-09-05T12:01:15-04:00September 5th, 2009|

With crystal vision you see the trees The mighty oaks with golden leaves Turning every autumn To become brittle and fall to the ground Tired and brown Having served their purpose Their role in the cycle of life complete This life it is replete With stories such as this The [...]

Poem #58 – The Ladder of Life

2009-09-03T12:02:17-04:00September 3rd, 2009|

I asked the spirits for more information about the ladder analogy from poem #57 … Climb the rungs Step by step With each rung Higher yet The variety of life experiences Hold them dear For each brings to you From year to year New wisdom Further growth Raise your hand [...]

Poem #57 – Two Ways to Approach Life

2009-09-02T12:04:15-04:00September 2nd, 2009|

Look into eternity There in the distance you will see Secrets revealed For all the world’s a mystery To those who open not the eyes But gaze upon the skies And wonder … why? *** There are many levels to reality Each a different vibration You rise upon the ladder [...]

A comment on poem #57

2009-09-02T12:03:17-04:00September 2nd, 2009|

Almost every day I wrestle with my doubts that I am "making up" these poems, even though I don't have any idea what the theme is going to be when I start writing the words I hear. The spirit world is so patient with me, in spite of my doubts. [...]

Poem #56 – Why Suffering?

2009-08-31T08:29:28-04:00August 31st, 2009|

Sorrow Sadness Grief Emotions of this life From which you seek relief Fear not the hurt and pain When into your life cometh the rain These are but markers along the journey All must face With life they come apace Never welcome But a needed part of growing Suffer them [...]

Poem #55 – What Lies at the Core

2009-08-30T08:30:48-04:00August 30th, 2009|

For clarity of vision Look within That which seems inscrutable See with new vision There inside the spirit lies To animate the body Which walks and speaks Yet knows little of the valley and the peaks Of mighty mountains So high, so forbidding To climb them seems A task quite [...]

Poem #54 – The Rhythms of Life

2009-08-29T08:31:53-04:00August 29th, 2009|

Fish swim upstream against the current Dark waves push them back Who can say when all we hold dear Will come under attack? Sit quietly and ponder the future Like that dark wave it does loom Before us Filling us with doom What lies beyond it? You see not through [...]

#52 – The Light of Love

2009-08-28T08:36:23-04:00August 28th, 2009|

Two poems today (#52 and #53) When toward the light you travel Mysteries of the world unravel There you’ll find All things divine Comfort beyond measure Greater than your greatest treasure For there beyond the curtain One thing you’ll know for certain: Love is real It’s warmth you’ll feel Undeniable [...]

#53 – Essence and Energy

2009-08-28T08:33:22-04:00August 28th, 2009|

Two poems today (#52 and #53) I am. Before a single sprout arose through the dirt A seed of thought took root Planted firmly This is how it all began The mind of God it did expand And grow Hoping for itself to know Thought Like a river it does [...]

Poem #49 – The Center of the Circle

2009-08-26T08:52:10-04:00August 26th, 2009|

Search not in the sky For love Within it doth lie Faintly glowing until The brain you do still Be as one in mind With God, your Creator Save this though not until later Unity is the Source of all creation Without a Source there can be no nation Yet, [...]

Poem #50 – A Question About Sensing Spirit

2009-08-26T08:50:34-04:00August 26th, 2009|

A friend asked the question: "Why can’t I see or understand with my physical mind what I have always felt inside?” Spirit works not as most people think We have no need for food and drink We see not with physical eyes Touch and taste no compromise Our hearing comes [...]

Poem #47 – Home is Where the Heart Is

2009-08-22T08:54:39-04:00August 22nd, 2009|

This life it has its challenges That all must face This is part of being a member Of the human race Face each day with joy Look toward the sun and smile Every little moment Stop and think awhile Of all the many ways God fills your hours and days [...]

Poem #46 – The Glory of Nature

2009-08-21T08:56:19-04:00August 21st, 2009|

Curtains rustle by the window A gentle breeze blows against the folds The cloth gives way To mysteries untold From where cometh the breeze? Does it come from the trees? Or is it Spirit driven? Yet another gift God’s given … All of nature tells a story Of God’s great [...]

Poem #45 – The Touch of Love

2009-08-20T08:58:05-04:00August 20th, 2009|

Silence the wind It bellows and howls through the night Filling young minds with fright “Oh, please, turn on the light!” They cry Great fear in the eye Soothe a furrowed brow To calm them, you know how Wipe away the tears Help dissolve the fears This is what a [...]

Poem #44 – Knights in Shining Armor

2009-08-19T09:18:59-04:00August 19th, 2009|

An interesting experience today. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal doubts, feeling that I’m making up the words in the poems. I decided to make a concerted effort today and write only what I hear without letting my mind jump ahead and find a word that rhymes to [...]

Poem #42 – Focus on What Truly Matters

2009-08-18T09:22:05-04:00August 18th, 2009|

Write these words today Hasten not to play Surely you can hear our voice Beyond the many thoughts which intrude upon your brain The message it is plain History has been unkind The battles of mankind Constant use of force Takes a toll Leaves you less than whole Forget the [...]

Poem #43 – The Nature of Hell

2009-08-18T09:20:32-04:00August 18th, 2009|

Again, two poems today, #42 and #42, this one in answer to my question, "What is Hell?" Hell’s a place that knows no shame There go those who’ve played the game And lost- Their time on earth they wasted God’s great love they never tasted Spent their days in anger [...]

Poem #40 – Gone From Your Sight

2009-08-17T09:35:36-04:00August 17th, 2009|

Two poems today (#40 and #41) Gone from your sight But not from your memories … You loved them so When they did walk upon this earth Their tears you wiped away And then one day In the blink of an eye They disappear No longer here To touch and [...]

Poem #41 – The Transition

2009-08-17T09:30:18-04:00August 17th, 2009|

Two poems today (#40 and #41) Who can say At the end of the day Who lives on and who goes to sleep? Who crosses through the door toward the light … Takes flight You know not these things while here you live But know to each the Lord does [...]

Poem #39 – The Ego vs.the Spirit

2009-08-16T09:40:03-04:00August 16th, 2009|

How long must man go on fighting one another? Since time began men have bickered The flames ever flickered Stones they did sharpen Weapons used to kill Forever still When the blood of the body Flows from holes poked with points Broken joints … All of this unnecessary Keeps you [...]

Poem #38 – Reincarnation

2009-08-15T09:46:05-04:00August 15th, 2009|

For this second poem today, I asked Mike's question: "What can you tell us about reincarnation?" Lives on earth are short-lived in your time But measured this way cuts it fine So much to do Hard to fit into one life All the lessons and the strife So you come [...]

A Note About the Poem Titles

2009-08-15T09:44:37-04:00August 15th, 2009|

I realized that my numbering system was making it difficult to go back and find certain poems when I wanted to read them again. I'm adding titles now, but after the fact. Unless I ask the spirits a specific question, I never know what the topic of the day's poem [...]

Poem #36 – The Truth is Inside

2009-08-14T09:58:47-04:00August 14th, 2009|

You create with your thoughts The world you live in. Many are the minds that contribute to your reality. Each has his own view Of how things are true Each one certain His way is right. They hold their thoughts dear Even though it’s clear That many minds see differently. [...]

Poem #35 – God’s Gift

2009-08-13T10:00:36-04:00August 13th, 2009|

“If at first you don’t succeed Try, try again” Words such as these Spur the deeds of men But how, pray tell Do things get done When you think that you’re The only one? Nothing happens by itself Your fame, your glory, and your wealth… These are gifts given to [...]

Poem #34 – True Beauty

2009-08-12T10:02:04-04:00August 12th, 2009|

Beauty comes in many forms On the earth you have your norms But when one doesn’t measure up You see it with scorn. Push it aside Attempt to hide That which you label ugly How unkind! Don’t you see? All is beautiful in God’s eye Nothing ever passes by That [...]

Poem #31 – There’s a Reason for Pain

2009-08-10T10:10:36-04:00August 10th, 2009|

Oh little children, we do love you so This please know There comes a time in each person’s life When they will face much stress and strife But carry on through all the pain In every heartache, there’s much to gain. You think that life should be Completely sweet and [...]


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