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Poem #263 – Do Not Fear Death

2010-04-09T05:53:26-04:00April 9th, 2010|

The gentle rustle in the trees whispers … It calls your name. But do you hear it? As subtle as spirit. “Come to me,” it calls As a dead leaf falls. Brittle. No longer useful… Each life on earth comes to an end But you should have no fear. When [...]

Poem #262 – Reality

2010-04-08T05:56:13-04:00April 8th, 2010|

(An unusual poem today, but even more unusual is the ABAB rhyming pattern that flowed so easily ...) Swinging from a tree, Back and forth you go, Experiencing such glee To see the ground below. Oh how high you fly With feet up in the air. You watch the earth [...]

Poem #261 – Time Well Spent

2010-04-07T05:57:00-04:00April 7th, 2010|

(Note from Suzanne - the poems may be posted at odd hours for the next 5 days, but they'll eventually be posted each day!) Begin at the beginning Where all good projects start. How you start your day out Will reveal if you are smart … Do you rush about [...]

Poem #260 – Humility and “Things”

2010-04-06T05:58:51-04:00April 6th, 2010|

Humility – yes, a virtue When you check your pride. The need to feel more important Is something you can’t hide. Pride comes when you do feel Your separation from your brothers Thinking you are somehow best In how you relate to others. It may be in the things you [...]

Poem #259 – Never Alone

2010-04-05T05:59:43-04:00April 5th, 2010|

(Regular readers will recognize this voice ...) A soliloquy - Words uttered alone Just as the tree that falls … Does anyone hear them? Speak not with fear But utter your innermost thoughts With confidence Knowing they are heard. Is it so absurd To think you’re not alone? Jack and [...]

Poem #258 – Fill Your Cup

2010-04-04T06:01:35-04:00April 4th, 2010|

“Your cup runneth over.” Just what does this mean? That your heart flows with love Like an unending stream. This gush of emotion Comes when you do allow What is your greatest asset Yourself to others endow. If only your cup Were this full all the time, Then you would [...]

Poem #257 – On Guidance and Hope

2010-04-03T06:02:22-04:00April 3rd, 2010|

This morning I asked a question and the answer came in rhyme. I felt as if the poem were addressed specifically to me because it spoke of the twitching finger which happens to me so often. Other than that detail, the poem is universal, but I asked for another anyway, [...]

Poem #256 – Turn the Other Cheek

2010-04-02T06:03:49-04:00April 2nd, 2010|

When someone does you wrong, Turn the other cheek. Some would say it’s folly. Some might think you weak. For what’s the value there? Why forgive another’s acts? Just try it once and send out love, Then see how he reacts. Your Bible says to do this, But most find [...]

Poem #255 – True Power

2010-04-01T06:04:27-04:00April 1st, 2010|

Revere not the powerful ones. Over you they hold no sway. It’s you who holds true power When you take the time to pray. Just as a tiny ant does work And carry loads upon its back, You, too, can do great feats in life But without the burden of [...]

Poem #254 – Master of All That You See

2010-03-31T04:06:21-04:00March 31st, 2010|

Master of all that you see - Through your own creativity. All you see comes from your mind. There the creative force you find. Picture a rainbow stretching far. At the end there lies a jar. Will you fill it with golden beads? In your mind there lie the seeds. [...]

Poem #253 – God’s glory

2010-03-30T04:07:13-04:00March 30th, 2010|

Sheep bleat; donkeys bray. Each speaks in its own way. Flowers bloom; water flows. In their movement, life it shows. All of creation tells a story. Where there’s life, you’ll find God’s glory. Take a breath and hold it in. The greatest truth is there within. Breath is life and [...]

Poem #252 – Nature’s Struggle

2010-03-29T04:07:57-04:00March 29th, 2010|

I find this poem interesting in that it's not something I normally focus on, yet obviously the spirit world does ... Smoke stacks spew their bilious fumes Polluting your air. Does no one care? Fish swim in streams Turned green But not natural. There’s nothing natural in a scene Where [...]

Poem #251 – Answers

2010-03-28T04:09:02-04:00March 28th, 2010|

Search not first for answers from others. For all answers start within. Available for the asking, When you are ready to begin. There are many ways your questions May be answered once you ask. To stay attuned for how they come- This is your challenge and your task. Who can [...]

Poem #250 – Just Pray

2010-03-27T04:10:51-04:00March 27th, 2010|

A loving reminder from the spirit world of the simple message they continue to repeat. This poem came to me almost immediately, as fast as I could write the words … Out of darkness comes the light. The love of God dispels all fright. When you can sit and feel [...]

Poem #249 – Your Heart

2010-03-26T04:12:14-04:00March 26th, 2010|

“The faint at heart” - what does it mean? Weak and timid, prone to scream. The term depends on how you choose The image of the heart to use. For yes, the tool which in you beats With a pattern that for years repeats Can grow old and then expire [...]

Poem #248 – Ups and Downs

2010-03-25T04:12:59-04:00March 25th, 2010|

Weep no longer. Shed no more tears. There’s no valid reason To go on mourning for years. For loss comes to all. It’s a part of your path. But suffering and torment Very quickly can pass. It’s alright to grieve, To expel bad emotions. But the need to continue Comes [...]

Poem #247 – Choices

2010-03-24T04:14:13-04:00March 24th, 2010|

Sitting on the doorstep You watch the world go by, Picking shapes out of the clouds That float across the sky. Formless shapes that with the wind Take on an image known - Matching patterns in your mind That once before were shown. Your beliefs are like those clouds above. [...]

Poem #246 – No One is More Important

2010-03-23T04:15:06-04:00March 23rd, 2010|

“Rank has its privileges.” This you’ve heard before. But no one man over another Can possibly mean more. For all are created equal, Just the same in God’s domain. When you take away the wrappings, Then just love it does remain. In your world you adulate Those who act upon [...]

Poem #245 – The Life Force

2010-03-22T04:16:05-04:00March 22nd, 2010|

The Life Force is a name you give To God’s awesome power. With the ability to take a seed And produce a lovely flower. But such an act is trifled When considering your body. For the many miracles that take place within This vessel’s not so shoddy. Formed it is [...]

Poem #244 – Guidance

2010-03-21T04:18:16-04:00March 21st, 2010|

The Ten Commandments – ways to live. Guidance to your life they give. Thou shall not kill; Thou shall not steal. The truth they hold, in your heart you can feel. But you do not need written rules. You have your own internal tools To tell you how to live [...]

Poem #243 – You Do Make a Difference

2010-03-20T04:19:00-04:00March 20th, 2010|

Wonder not why you are here… If a difference you can make. If only one other life you touch, Then life’s greatest prize you take. It’s the prize of knowing you have served To touch another soul. For in the great school of your earth This is a major goal. [...]

Poem #242 – Baby Steps

2010-03-19T04:19:41-04:00March 19th, 2010|

First you take a tiny step, When before you only crawl. In this way of moving on There is no risk you’ll fall. But slowly you look at your feet And see how now you move. With one foot before the other You can now get in the groove. Your [...]

Poem #241 – Teachers

2010-03-18T04:20:31-04:00March 18th, 2010|

“When the student is ready, The teacher appears.” You’ve heard this quite often Throughout your long years. How many times Have you met just the right soul, Who comes into your life With a prominent role? Pay heed to your thoughts When they tell you, “Hear now!” For this person [...]

Poem #240 – On Pride

2010-03-17T04:21:24-04:00March 17th, 2010|

Humility - A virtue true. Having tempered pride In all things that you do. While it’s good to be pleased When success you achieve, Thoughts of your greatness You’re best just to leave. For nothing is served By being better than most, Except when pure thoughts In your mind you [...]

Poem #239 – Chance Encounters

2010-03-16T04:22:12-04:00March 16th, 2010|

Chance encounters When two people meet… You so often think It is a random feat. But what you think is chance Is no great mystery. There’s purpose in the meeting. All things are meant to be. Look closely – pay attention. Where’s the meaning in the act? You can learn [...]

Poem #238 – Pride

2010-03-15T04:22:56-04:00March 15th, 2010|

Swallow your pride. What good does it do you? Let all feelings of ego Simply pass right on through you. Your pride serves no purpose But to set you apart, When all are the same There inside in the heart. Why strive to be different When in seeing your link, [...]

Poem #237 – True Beauty

2010-03-14T04:23:46-04:00March 14th, 2010|

Some things you do “in vain” Acting from pure vanity. You do this without knowing The thought of separation is insanity. By thinking of your beauty The differences appear “You are more pretty than the next” Is what you long to hear. But beauty’s just a fleeting thing. It means [...]

Poem #236 – What Lies Beyond

2010-03-13T04:35:41-05:00March 13th, 2010|

Visions of splendor – Sights that bring you to your knees… Can you imagine A world with things like these? This world it does await you. It’s there for all to know. It matters not your faith or creed. To this place you all will go. Your experience may differ [...]

Poem #235 – Good Advice

2010-03-12T04:37:06-05:00March 12th, 2010|

Scurry, scurry, Rush and worry … Why so much running around? Stop. Put on the brake. Not one more moment forsake! Time’s a wasting While you’re always chasing Rainbows. The treasure you seek Is there when you peek. Have a look … There – in the dark nook. This gold [...]

Poem #234 – What Really Matters

2010-03-11T04:38:41-05:00March 11th, 2010|

Diamonds are a dime a dozen - Merely shiny rocks. Why place so great a value On a ring inside a box? But place instead your focus On what that ring stands for – A symbol of the pledge to wed And love forever more. It’s good to have such [...]


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